It’s not often that we get to have a nice dinner out, and it’s so easy to forget how nice it is to relax and enjoy a quiet evening with just your significant other. This week, we took advantage of a great deal at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV to have a wonderful dinner. After a day at Northstar-at-Tahoe getting our snow legs back, we sat down at the back in a large booth. The lighting was very low and the the ceilings vanished overhead. Along the back and sides of the booth, tall curtains hung down and gave the impression we were sitting on a large stage. As the food was brought out, it felt like a well choreographed dance of flavor in our mouths. Even better was starting off with a very nice Graff Riesling.

Since we are both seafood fanatics, we wanted to sample the iced seafood sampler. But I wanted a better variety and we ended up ordering some different appetizers instead. Rays was never much of a scallop fan, but the pan seared scallops with pork belly changed her mind. The scallops were well seared on both sides but retained their juicy and tender middle. The pork belly was well seasoned and crispy on all sides. They sat on a small bed of arugula leaves. We also decided to be a little adventurous (and perhaps controversial). Since we had never had foie gras before, and due to its being banned in California, we decide to try it and see what the fuss was about. Well, the dish was absolutely heavenly. It tasted light, buttery and went very well paired with the baked apple and cinnamon cake. While it was an experience that we will both treasure, we probably won’t be seeking out this sinful dish soon. Our last appetizer was a simple prawn cocktail and it came with four large tiger prawns served on a dish with a splash of sauce on the side.

For our entree, we picked the filet and braised shallot. It was cooked medium rare and came with a selection of three sauces. With the waiter telling me what each sauce was made from, I didn’t realize that the cabernet reduction sauce was on the plate until the steak was mostly gone. I still had enough left to decide that the reduction sauce was the best of the bunch. Though the butter sauce was definitely a favorite as well.

I guess it wouldn’t do to describe how wonderful it was without a nice salivation inspiring photo.

I almost forgot, we finished off our meal with a divine strawberry and mint cheesecake!