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Baby Kaylan Hu I’ve finally gotten the time to put up pictures of our newest addition, Kaylan. She arrived Feb. 25th at 9:36AM weighing in just under 8 lbs and measuring 19 inches long. A little bit under her sister Audrey’s weight and length, Kaylan came out very angry and hungry. You see, we interrupted her beauty sleep and she wasn’t quite ready to meet us yet. Mommy Yun is doing very well. This time we skipped the long labor part and went with a scheduled C-section so Mom is recovering much faster. They were doing some pain study at Stanford Hospital so Mommy had a local anesthetic delivery system for the incision. This reduced the pain quite a bit for the 2 days it was in and if your insurance pays for it, I’d highly recommend it. It reduces the side effects of pain pills and IV injections because the medication is delivered straight to the surgery site.

Kaylan is getting in a regular schedule now of crying every two hours, being fed, then sleeping until the next cycle. Great things come in small packages, unless of course it comes in a disposable diaper. Once you get used to the lack of sleep and the fatigue, babies are truly wonderful. Every little tot is a gift to be treasured. Their smiles, cries, and every little movement is something to be remembered. They are growing every day and the challenges of parenting change along with them. Mommy and I are both looking forward to helping our little bit of heaven grow into a beautiful little angel.

-Mom and Dad

In this crazy world, we want everything now. I want my coffee now! I want my Yahoo Videos now! But, sometimes, the end result is well worth the wait.

After going past our due date of Sept. 30th and visiting the doc, an induction date of Oct. 5th was set, due to Audrey’s large head circumference. At midnight, Audrey pre-empted our scheduled morning call and sent Yun into labor. After waking me (Huey) up a few times, Yun got up at 1:05 to walk around. Still half asleep and somewhat disbelieving Yun, I vaguely remembered to tell her to grab a towel in case her water broke. At this point, contractions were irregular and about 10 minutes apart. Deciding that perhaps she was in false labor, Yun laid down around 1:25 and almost immediately went into another contraction. Breaking her water on this contraction, I rapidly became alert and started looking for the phone. We had been waiting for this baby for the past 3 weeks (Not counting the whole pregnancy of course) and I was ready to meet her. Calling the doctors office gave me an answering service. After letting them know the situation, I was told the on-call doctor would be paged. After what seemed like an eternity, we got the call from the on-call and we were told to head for the delivery room.

Half expecting a relative quick delivery, with the wife having been at 2-3cm for a few weeks, I was completely unprepared for what lay ahead. After checking in and continue reading…

by Yun,

38th week. Time is ticking. Every night before I go to bed, I’m wondering if tomorrow is the day. Yoyo, that’s her name. When are you ready to meet your parents?

My leave started about two weeks ago. 8 months. Such a long time. I’m tired. Tired from having to get up early everyday. Tired from a full schedule. Tired from walking around with a big belly. Tired generally, especially towards the last few weeks. Now with all the work load gone, I’m at ease. Spent the first week getting ready for the nursery. Crib, mattress, bedding, dresser, changing pad, stroller, car seat…the list goes on and on. Never realized that such a little tiny person needs so many things. And imagine! That’s just the beginning. We painted her room pink, light blue on the ceiling and highlighted with lavender crown molding. She better be a girl. :) (Ultrasound is never 100% sure about girls).

2006 is a busy year. Quite a few friends and coworkers became proud parents. Reading their blogs and looking at their baby pictures are my big enjoyment. One of my coworkers used to take his cell phone out around 5pm everyday and announced that it was time to look at the cutest kid ever. haha…… btw, his son is very very cute, with really big eyes.

Except for being heavy; having to wobble and stay away from coffee and coke; not being able to sleep well and exercise regularly; pregnancy itself was not too bad when I think about it. People are always very nice to you. Known or unknown, people asked me about my due date or boy/girl. They talked about their own kids and experiences. Recommended baby products to me. My team all took good care of me, although from time to time they teased me “not to piss off the pregnant woman”. Most of my cravings got satisifed. No need to worry about weight (overweighted anyway). Have excuses for not doing certain things. Get away with mood swings. Best chance to do shopping on behalf of baby and motherhood and so on so forth.

Couple of my friends told me to enjoy the last stage of the pregnancy, as it is such an unique experience and honestly will be our last few free days. However, I’m really anxious. Cannot wait to meet this little tiny person kicking and stretching so hard inside me (doing that right at this minute). Maybe I’ll be regretting that thought soon. But that’s later. I’m not worrying about it now.

自从有了baby Huey 之å?Žï¼ŒHuey 收敛了ä¸?少。ä¸?但玩的心æ€?相对少了,å?šå®¶åŠ¡ä¹Ÿæ›´ç§¯æž?了。而我呢,也很享å?— “Speaking for two” 的状æ€?,什么ä¸?满æ„?了,什么东西想å?ƒäº†ï¼Œå°±å¤§å£°åœ°å?«åš·å‡ºæ?¥ï¼Œäººå¤šåŠ›é‡?大嘛,他也å?ªå¥½å±ˆä»Žï¼Œå°½ç®¡å˜´é‡Œè¿˜æ˜¯è¦?嘟囔几å?¥ã€‚

Baby 还没出生,å??字就已ç»?有了一大堆: 胡隆é?™ï¼ˆä¸­æ–‡å¤§å??,爷爷奶奶起的),yoyo-胡悠优(å°?å??,外公外婆起的),Audrey Hu (英文大å??,Huey and I tentatively agreed on this one unless we find something better later),ä¸?知é?“å°?å®?å®?到时会ä¸?会confuse。

This is the day. Yoyo Hu moved first time ever!! It feels like somebody is blowing tiny bubbles inside me. One and ….another. At first, I didn’t know what it was. I thought I was hungry or something, since it was lunch time. Then I realized it was something that I’ve never felt before. I asked myself. Is it him? Is it you? Yoyo Hu? He must be so tiny.  Touching me gently. What are you doing? Are you dreaming? Grow up fast. Daddy and mommy cannot wait to see you.

Yoyo Hu, sex unknown, is expected to make its first appearence later this year in Santa Clara, CA. Expectant mother Yun Zheng is doing well and happily indulging in her craving attacks. I cannot stop smiling at the thought of holding our first baby soon.

Thus far, we’ve been able to keep the paparazzi at bay, but we expect to have photos of mother and father soon. Keep checking back for updates as we get them.

As we don’t know the sex of the baby yet, we have put off picking a name until we do. Yoyo Hu is the nickname his maternal grandparents have given him.