I’ve been tasked recently with investigating business intelligence tools for our company. Every business has metrics and trends that they need to keep a good pulse on. Sometimes the things to measure are easy to define, and sometimes no one knows what they are looking for.

There are plenty of offerings out there. Most notably MicroStrategies, Oracle, SAP, and more. Of course most of the ones I just listed are simply not cost feasible for a small company to explore. To pay to play, it’s easy to lay out over $100K just to get something basic. Of course my budget was much much smaller than that so my boss pointed me towards an open source project called Pentaho and I have been steeped in it for the past month.

The documentation for Pentaho is pretty comprehensive if you are educated in the technologies involved. But for me, I had to get familiar with quite a few things before getting to do something useful.

Over the next few weeks, I will post up progress and some small tutorials to help someone new get started with the world of Pentaho.