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Category: Poker Results

First off, we only had ~1 hour to play so the blinds were quite crazy. 15 minute rounds starting at 100/200, doubling to 400/800, and then jumping to 1k/2k.

With only 5 players, (Me [button], Shawn, Manish, Sentil, Venkat) I started the evening with some aggresive semi-bluffs and took the first 2 pots. Then, after sensing weakness, pushed all-in on two pair (K3AA on the board) against Venkat. With a rags kicker, he wisely laid down his hand. I had pocket QQs against Shawn’s Ax one hand and the Queens stood up. Then, continue reading…

On my birthday, my gift from my wife was that I can play in the evening poker game. After receiving her blessings, I half jokingly touted that I was coming home with the winnings. Our games usually run until 8pm or beyond so when I called her around 7:40 and told her I was coming home, she didn’t broach the subject of who won. Only after getting home and spending a few minutes talking to her about it did she realize that I had won.

What a win it was, continue reading…

Game started late at 6:30pm and ran till about 8:05pm. We had 9 players and 3 rebuys for a pot of $60. First place winner, Pinank, was getting quite a few lucky hands towards the end. His A2 beat Mike’s A9 by catching a 2 on the turn (after all-ins after the flop). Second place winner, Huey, let go a few small pocket cards that turned into monsters (96s for a full house), and went heads up with a miniscule stack. Losing pocket 6′s to Pinank’s pocket 7′s. Third place winner ?? got their money back.

Stay tuned for next week’s update, we’ll try to track the winners here.

Friday was “Hack day” at work and many ideas were worked on. At the conclusion of the day, we gathered for some entertainment at the poker table. We had 8 players, Mike(?), Senthil, Manish, Shawn, Gaurav, Vivek, Mike M., and Huey.

The action started fast as pot contentions got heated. Manish and Shawn built up quick leads as their stacks grew. My hands were all rags and grew steadily worse until a moment when an AK off suit landed in my hands. That being the best hand I’d seen all night, I pushed all in to be called by Gaurav’s pocket TT. The board came rags and I was forced to concentrate on dealing. After a few hands of dealing, I was able to convince the others to allow me to rebuy since I was dealer.
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4/12 was a night of upsets and excitement. 9 adventurous players made their way to the table at MC2 TR6 for the evening’s activities. Players, in order of position, were Huey (dealer), Jason S., Dav Z., Chris F., Nam N., Yajie Y., Mike N., Selving G., and Mike M.
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